Alpine Z Transition for High Ratio Shortening 50 LB Block

Alpine Z High Ratio Shortening is your clear choice for use in professional cake decorators icing.

With the reality of government bans on High Ratio shortening, a perfect choice is Alpine Z.

Z standing for zero trans fats. This product holds extremely well for all cake icings. Please read below, the features and benefits.



50 lb block best pricing: approximately $1.39 per pound!

Alpine-Z Icing Shortening 50Lb Alpine-Z Icing Shortening: GR Alpine-Z Icing Shortening 50Lb Alpine-Z Icing Shortening: GR

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If you are looking for the ultimate icing shortening, look to Alpine. It is usable over a wide temperature range so you can create higher-volume, creamier icings. It also performs well in highly aerated icings and fillings. With extra smooth Alpine, your icings will be brilliant white and easy to work with.

Features & Benefits:

•  Smooth, White Creamy Shortening
•  Formulated for Higher-Volume, Creamier Icings
•  Performs Very Well in Highly Aerated Icings and Fillings
•   Zero Trans Fat formula