High Ratio Shortening

Alpine Z Transition for High Ratio Shortening 50 LB Block

Alpine Z High Ratio Shortening is your clear choice for use in professional cake decorators icing.

With the reality of government bans on High Ratio shortening, a perfect choice is Alpine Z.

Z standing for zero trans fats. This product holds extremely well for all cake icings. Please read below, the features and benefits.



50 lb block best pricing: approximately $1.39 per pound!

Alpine-Z Icing Shortening 50Lb Alpine-Z Icing Shortening: GR Alpine-Z Icing Shortening 50Lb Alpine-Z Icing Shortening: GR

Ships UPS

If you are looking for the ultimate icing shortening, look to Alpine. It is usable over a wide temperature range so you can create higher-volume, creamier icings. It also performs well in highly aerated icings and fillings. With extra smooth Alpine, your icings will be brilliant white and easy to work with.

Features & Benefits:

•  Smooth, White Creamy Shortening
•  Formulated for Higher-Volume, Creamier Icings
•  Performs Very Well in Highly Aerated Icings and Fillings
•   Zero Trans Fat formula

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Trans Fats Threatens High Ratio Shortening Sales in California

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As of January1, 2010, The new law in the state of California has gone into effect. No more Trans Fats in the baked and fried and cooked goods. This will effect the sales of high ratio shortening, which has partially hydrogenated oil in the ingredients.

January 1, 2011 is the date for discontinuing deep-frying yeast dough and cake batter. Violation of this law could result in a fine of $25 to $1000.

While the ban is a soft roll out, many shops are already in compliance. It will be impossible for health inspectors to know by looking at the food products to tell weather or not trans fats are in the foods. Trans Fats are not something you can smell or really even taste. What they are used for is to preserve shelf life.

One concern the bakeries have is that High Ratio Shortening is desirable especially when producing buttercream icings for a creamier and more stable finished product.

There are a few shortening manufactures that are addressing this issue and that have formulated a cake and icing shortening the has “0 trans fats”.

Sweetex and Crisco are two brands that have developed a “0 trans fats” label.

Image via Wikipediabrands are two of the manufacturers that have answered with a product that seems to be working well.

The cost in this transition for the smaller retail shops will not be significant.

The cost however will hit the larger manufacturers a bit but statements in many different forums believe that the cost of health care will most likely drop due to healthier products being produced.

This demand on our eating behaviour has some folks up in arms and concerned about dictatorship in the USA.

Healthy eating choices should start at home and we should all have the right to make those decisions, however, if we are not given the chance to make an educated decision on what is in our food products we are all in “deep trans fat”….

I say keep the High Ratio Shorting available… Demand; that it is posted on the menu’s food items it is in; or on the packaging with a sticker that says “0 trans fats” or “contains trans fats”. Let the public decide what they want to eat.

Here’s a newsflash for you though from the FDA:

According to the FDA, “Food manufacturers are allowed to list amounts of trans fat with less than 0.5 gram (1/2 g) per serving as 0 (zero) on the Nutrition Facts panel.”

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Chances are the public will go for the “0 trans fats” and the trans fats products will most likely weed themselves out and not piss off and send the message of dictatorship.

We should still at the end of the day have the freedom of choice that our country was built on.

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High Ratio Shortening For ButterCream Icing

High Ratio Shortening 3lb tub

High Ratio Shortening has been preferred and used by professional cake decorators for many years. It seem lately though, that there is a new generation of cake decorators that are catching on to the popular “Cake Shortening”. Some will also label it as “Icing Shortening”.

The baking industry purchases the high ratio shortening in bulk. The HRS comes in 50 lb blocks and is used in higher production facilities usually at 25 pounds per each batch of butter cream icing.

High Ratio Shortening is used due to the benefits of flexibility and the end product results in the the cake decorators icing.

It helps to promote a creamier, lighter and less greasy product. The flavor profile and consistency is more pleasing to the palate.

It also holds better in summer months so you have less of a chance of the finished buttercream melting down in an undesirable room temperature.

When mixed at proper speed and timings, you will achieve an extremely desirable result in your buttercream icing.

High Ratio Shortening will also give you better results when creating buttercream roses,flowers and piped figures on your cakes.

Cake decorators that are just starting out or have a home based cake decorating business, have been searching for the high ratio shortening online due to the fact that they have no idea where the professional cake artist get the product from.

The problem in the past is that you could only purchase the HRS from distribution houses in the 50 lb blocks.

The cake shortening is now slowly becoming available in 3# to 4# chunks for home use.

We Found the best price for the High Ratio Shortening in smaller pails on Amazon from CK 🙂


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